811, 2017

We will make you a match!

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It is very unfortunate when you have lost one of your favourite earrings and you are left with only one…To make it worse you have bought it abroad and you do not have any contact details for the jeweller or the jeweller has retired or closed.
Although it is useless to wear one earring, the scrap price for the metal is not even a tenth what you have paid.
Do not worry, we will make you a […]

2206, 2017

Restoring your old jewellery…what a fantastic idea!

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Jewellery has been an important element of our lives for centuries. It is still one of the most popular presents for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc. For sure even a person who is not the biggest fan of jewellery, must have at least one piece in a draw whether it has been bought by instinct or given as a present or inheritance from grandmother, mother or auntie.
Jewellery always makes a very special endurance gift and it […]